There is More to Streamgraph than Movies:
Better Aesthetics via Ordering and Lassoing

Additional Material for EuroVis 2016 submission #129

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The following images were produced by the algorithms discussed in the submitted paper.
Clicking on a figure opens a high-resolution version in SVG format, which can be displayed and zoomed in the web browser.
Passing with the pointer over a layer in a SVG figure reveals the layer label.

The SVG figures are large files, so a compressed version of this website can be downloaded for navigating it locally.

Dataset Unemployment
Unemployment statistics for 31 European countries, from 1983 to 2013
371 time points

Ordering: TwoOpt. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: TwoOpt. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: TwoOptR. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: TwoOptR. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: BestFirst. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: BestFirst. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: OnSet. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: OnSet. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: D3. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: D3. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: Random. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: Random. Baseline: 2-norm