There is More to Streamgraph than Movies:
Better Aesthetics via Ordering and Lassoing

Additional Material for EuroVis 2016 submission #129

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The following images were produced by the algorithms discussed in the submitted paper.
Clicking on a figure opens a high-resolution version in SVG format, which can be displayed and zoomed in the web browser.
Passing with the pointer over a layer in a SVG figure reveals the layer label.

The SVG figures are large files, so a compressed version of this website can be downloaded for navigating it locally.

Dataset Marketcap
Market capitalization of 50 companies listed on the NASDAQ from 1995 to 2015
241 time points

Ordering: TwoOpt. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: TwoOpt. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: TwoOptR. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: TwoOptR. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: BestFirst. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: BestFirst. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: OnSet. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: OnSet. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: D3. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: D3. Baseline: 2-norm
Ordering: Random. Baseline: 1-norm
Ordering: Random. Baseline: 2-norm